Monthly Archives: October 2010

Streaming Music : What Are The Options?

Here’s an introduction to each of the legal ways you can listen to the playlists I will be constantly updating. Some you may have heard of, some you may not have, some will suit your needs, and some will not. Experiment, try something new, tell me what you think of them, and let me know […]

The Way Young Lovers Do by Van Morrison

The strings that weave their way through  the very fabric of this song make this the intense listen it is, and the first time I heard that bass I realised what the bass guitar was actually used for. I will never tire of listening to this combination of instruments shuffling their way through a great […]

Positive Jam by The Hold Steady

The first song on the first album should be an announcement of arrival or a statement of intent. This is both. If you never paid attention in history class, here is Craig Finn’s version of the 20th century condensed into two lines per decade. Reaching the present day (as it was in 2000) the Hold Steady […]