Monthly Archives: December 2010

Wild Thing by Noah and the Whale

Here’s another new track from Noah and the Whale, from next years album ‘Late Night On Earth’. This track begins with an unnerving loop that reappears throughout the track, a style they’ve explored in the past but never perfected. The story of a tearaway young girl never sounded so romantic, but through some deft use […]

Phosphorescent @ Hoxton Bar & Grill 29th Nov

The Phosphorescent of old was a lonely, mysterious character, heavily bearded, who stood shadowed and hunched on stage performing his understated ballads. But the demeanour fitted the early songs from debut albums ‘Aw Come Aw Wry’ and ‘Pride’, and those early shows were some of the most striking I saw in 2007/​​8. Three years and […]