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Is The Black Eyed Peas’ Music Worthless?

Firstly, this is not post written from a snobby pedestal bashing pop music for being shallow and vacuous. It’s a thought into how the public value music, a subject under the spotlight in recent years. The Black Eyes Peas have a new song (listen here) that will, without doubt, be a huge hit. It’s called […]

Why Rupert Murdoch May Not Be Stupid

Rupert Murdoch built Sky on the premise that he’d give people what they already had, but better packaged. The idea that a household would pay £50/​​month for TV, when they already have access to 20 free channels, would have sounded unbelievable in 1990. Now he has a business so large that Government may have to […]

The Price Of Music : Should Those Who Buy More, Pay Less?

Here’s a thought as I travel home on the tube. I’ve always stolen music because I could never afford to buy all that I wanted. However, the guy who doesn’t really care for music has always been able to afford all that he wants. Surely there’s a way to make that right? You’re an artist with […]

Who Really Changed The Perceived Value Of Music : Labels or Filesharers?

I find this topic fascinating, as it is at the crux of any argument regarding where the music industry is headed. Please be aware that in the below rant, I am largely discussing the masses’ interaction with pop music, i.e music that finds itself towards the top of the sales charts. I’ll start with the […]