A Musical Journey

It is with great sadness that our good friend Ben (or Bin as he is known, due to his Kiwi accent) has left us for the foreseeable future. He has flown to Damascus which I’ve been told is, like, MILES away in some place WELL foreign, and is riding his little pink push bike all the way back to us in time for a reunion at Glastonbury Festival. Sounds mental? Well it’s true, you can read about here. There will some stories posted here from him at some point in the next 6 months I’m sure.

Anyway. When Bin first arrived on these shores almost 2 years ago, he asked me to fill his shiny new iPod with music I liked. I of course obliged, but then poor old Bin had several thousand songs to delve into, none of which he knew, and so asked me for guidance as to where to begin. I replied with the obvious answer, ‘The Beatles.’

And so started Bin’s Musical Journey. With a little help from myself, two American architect’s both named Jonathan (one talking, one listening), and guest appearances from two fellow Cornishmen Nick and Alex, we took Bin on a wonderful journey that probably puts his current jaunt to shame. Our time in London together did not last, and we are now spread across the globe doing various things. The days of having time to write such self-​​indulgent, pretentious tosh to each other during a working day are unfortunately long gone, but the results are not. Perhaps we can add some more? Get in touch, losers.

Please be aware that these words may sound silly to someone familiar with these artists, for we were not writing these words for you. These emails have been buried in inboxes across the land for a long time, and are being unearthed here for the purpose of preserving, rather than judging.

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