Monthly Archives: January 2011

Jessie J @ Scala, London 17th Jan

This was to be a lesson in popular culture, as much as a lesson in pop gigs. There were no check shirts or beards in sight, just hoodies and pink jeggings. Steve Lamacq was nowhere to be seen, and I stood alone in bewilderment at who all these people were, whilst my companion was being […]

How Understanding Choice Will Bring Music Streaming To The Masses

I used to think that when it came to listening to music, what I and everybody else wanted was simple. We wanted everything, now and forever, wherever we are. And if we enjoyed the process, we’ll pay for it too (honestly, we will). But this isn’t strictly the case. Choice Paralysis Spotify Premium offers just this, […]

Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear

The keyboard gives it the pop hook that propelled it to the top of the US charts, but it’s everything else that won the hearts of those who listened to it incessantly upon it’s arrival last year, and still are. The vocals are a desperate plea for the end of routine malaise. Ed Droste is actually […]

2011 - The Year of the Word.

Welcome back to schoool. Due to a number of reasons I’ve taken a little break recently, but from now on these here pages will be filled with more words than you can ever imagine. Having spent much of the last few weeks delving deaper into the dark, shady world of web design with this little […]