Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear

The keyboard gives it the pop hook that propelled it to the top of the US charts, but it’s everything else that won the hearts of those who listened to it incessantly upon it’s arrival last year, and still are.

The vocals are a desperate plea for the end of routine malaise. Ed Droste is actually singing half of a conversation, “Would you always? Maybe sometimes? Make it easy? Take your time?” Every sentence is unfinished, with the actual request being left up to our imagination to complete. And this is the essence of the song, where the sounds that AREN’T made seem just as important as those that are.

The drumming is spectacular, with every gap adding to the uncertain, frail sentiment shown elsewhere in the song. Because of these gaps, you notice the punctuated bass notes, the rare but vital shimmering guitar, the finger clicks (or whatever they are) and the backing vocals that in any other song would sound full of joy.

Here, they are cries of resignation. ‘I told you I was scared.’

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