Saint Simon by The Shins

There’s no beating a perfect melody, and Saint Simon has several, all of which are delivered through a set of lyrics packed with more rhymic flow than on your average Kanye track. The spacious instrumentation allow the lyrics to breathe and sweep you away in a breathless tide of nonchalent musings, some of which hold more weight than at first appears.

Since I don’t have the time nor mind to figure out the nursery rhymes that help us out in making sense of our lives.

The cruel, uneventful state of apathy releases me, I value them but I won’t cry if the time one’s wiped out.

The song builds to what feels like a crescendo, but at 2:03 the guitar solo lowers us down from the cliff edge when we were desperate to be pushed. The music evaporates rather than explodes, and we’re back into a dream as we ‘step into the night’. All that remains is for the closing section at 3:35 to draw everything to a fitting finale. It’s almost as if the band take a step back and let the melodies do all the work themselves, which they do with the most graceful execution.

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