Greetings 2010, an online beginning

So. As you can probably see I have decided to start a blog. I have had to harness the one time of the year, or perhaps decade, when my two ‘bored’ and ‘motivated’ axis cross to begin such a self indulgant task, the time of year when days spent in hiding from the outside world is closely followed by the surge of reflection based impulsion to achieve something with your day. So here we are, Christmas + New Years + New Decade = Blog. Expect this to be the first and last entry.

I’ve wanted somewhere to record my thoughts for quite some time, mostly so that I can recall them with fondness in the days when my memory has faded. I have missed the journalism work I once used to do, and would like somewhere to scrawl words in pleasing orders as I once did. A sudden recent want to shout at many people at once left me aware of the fact that I had no platform to shout from, and so here we are.

I’m still trying to figure out exactly what will end up on these pages over the coming months, so please bear with me. To begin with there will be some playlists of songs I’d like you to hear, some forthcoming gigs I’d like you to join me at, a brief rant that you may have seen before and perhaps some predictions for the year ahead. In time, there will definitely be far more interesting things appearing.

I hope.

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