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Digital Economy Act - What The Letters Should Say

Some time in mid-​​​​late 2011, p2p file sharers in the UK will receive letters warning them that if they ignore this and subsequent warnings, they will have their internet bandwidth narrowed, or be disconnected for a period of time. Last week I wrote an update on the DEA, where I stressed that it will be […]

Digital Economy Act - What Next?

It’s been over 6 months since I wrote my summary of the Digital Economy Bill, and my thoughts on it. Since then the last breaths of the Labour government successfully pushed this through, and it became the Digital Economy Act. So here’s where we are now. Communications minister Ed Vaizey has said that government expect […]

Digital Economy Bill - My Thoughts

Here are some of my thoughts on the contents of the bill, and it’s repercussions on the music industry at large. You can read my previous post about what the bill actually  is here. If you only have time to read a little, please read the final section. We need to control online piracy with firm […]

The Digital Economy Bill — What Is It

This week, The Digital Economy Bill is being passed through the House Of Commons. Though I am aware that some of you have been following it’s progression with interest, most were not aware of it until it was the subject of last Monday’s Panorama documentary. Last Monday’s show, entitled ‘Are The Net Police Coming For […]

Who Really Changed The Perceived Value Of Music : Labels or Filesharers?

I find this topic fascinating, as it is at the crux of any argument regarding where the music industry is headed. Please be aware that in the below rant, I am largely discussing the masses’ interaction with pop music, i.e music that finds itself towards the top of the sales charts. I’ll start with the […]