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Interview - Me with Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips

The twenty year journey of The Flaming Lips encompasses more than is immediately apparent in their musical legacy. The ways in which the band have chosen to express themselves have diversified thoughout the years, resulting in a rich tapestry of work that is often only summarized by their euphoric live shows. In the early hours […]

Interview - Me with Jamie Liddell

In a world obsessed with compartmentalising everything from your sock drawer to every piece of art that’s ever been produced, it’s often a challenge to exist in anything but a dull dichotomy. Popular music is no exception, whereby any conflicting ideas are separated and shelved at opposite ends of the iTunes Music Store, in order […]

An Interview With Performance

Performance, 2/​​11/​​05, Club Malice at Bar3, Bristol Your local pub at one in the afternoon, the crowd at a thrash metal gig, Physics lessons, The Simpson’s, even those boring dinner parties with your long lost relatives (where an Uncle ALWAYS gets too drunk), are all only fun because of the presence of one thing. Characters. […]

An Interview - Me with The Magic Numbers

Cast your minds forward several weeks, and picture the scene. It’s Sunday night at Glastonbury, Michael Eavis has just bought you a pint, Kate Moss has dumped her boyfriend for you, and you have clean shoes and a sunburnt nose (Hey, it COULD happen!). As the surprise replacements for Kylie, The Magic Numbers take to […]