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Radiohead @ 93 Feet East, London. Wednesday, 16/​​01/​​08

It’s 8pm on a windy Wednesday night, and for the tourists wandering the famous London street of Brick Lane the scene is certainly a perplexing one. Policemen shoving photographers, tight-​​​​jeaned indie kids and middle aged indie kid wannabe’s off the narrow roads without remorse. Away from the main fracas that once posed as a queue, […]

End Of The Road Festival — Day 3, Sunday 17/​​09/​​06

Today is not only the final day of the festival, but also the final day of summer. Thankfully the sun keeps his side of the bargain and wakes Gigwise up with a sweltering tent, but soon disappears for most of the day. However, there’s hope yet that the day will live up to it’s promise. […]

End Of The Road Festival — Day 2, Saturday 16/​​09/​​06

With Friday seen by many as simply the introduction, the weekend kicks off proper on Saturday morning. The games of ‘Viking Kubb’ (a game popular in Sweden, apparently) and football have kicked off, Diablo’s and juggling sticks are hurtling through the air in the circus area, and The Memory Band are beginning in the tent. […]

End Of The Road Festival — Day 1, Friday 15/​​09/​​06

We’ve all heard that festivals were better in the old days, with no marketing and slogans staring at you all day long, good food cooked on site, and a line-​​​​up of musicians to die for. We also all know this isn’t true, as history clearly shows that Carling invented Reading Rock, Milk (it’s a brand […]

Roskilde Festival – Day 4, Sunday 2/​​07/​​06

It’s six days since Gigwise first set foot in the Roskilde grounds, and it’s beginning to show. Hangovers and dehydration become more extreme everyday, and we can only marvel at the 17 year old Swedes drunk by midday on lighter fluid (we WISH we were joking) who we are greeted by every day we when […]

Roskilde Festival — Day 3, Saturday 1/​​07/​​06

Today music was forced to take the back seat as a certain football game, which won’t be mentioned here, took place in the scorching afternoon sun. Before the heartbreak however, there was time to wander into the local Roskilde town for a fresh supply of food and booze, scale the famous climbing wall, have a […]

Roskilde Festival – Day 2, Friday 30/​​06/​​06

Kicking off the day in style were gypsy punk rockers Gogol Bordello, who have been gathering support over recent years with their absurdly energetic live shows and catchy singles. Ukrainian-​​​​American lead entertainer Eugene Hutz is the centre of the show as he steers his band through the party performance lapped up by the hungover Roskilde […]