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Roskilde Festival – Day 1, Thursday 29/​​​06/​​​06

After already attempting to survive the Roskilde experience for three days, some light relief from the scorching sunshine and quite frankly scary Scandinavians finally arrives in the form of sweet, joyous, dance your face off music. For Gigwise, the Danish born WhoMadeWho are the first to step up, and provide a perfect springboard for the […]

Arctic Monkeys @ Plymouth Pavilions, Tuesday 18/​​04/​​06

When the announcement of a gig manages to make local news headlines, one can immediately see that this is something more than your average band making the long trip down south. It’s the Arctic Monkeys’ biggest set of shows to date, with Mr Turner and co fresh from snubbed celebrity parties and rare TV appearances […]

An Interview With Performance

Performance, 2/​​11/​​05, Club Malice at Bar3, Bristol Your local pub at one in the afternoon, the crowd at a thrash metal gig, Physics lessons, The Simpson’s, even those boring dinner parties with your long lost relatives (where an Uncle ALWAYS gets too drunk), are all only fun because of the presence of one thing. Characters. […]

Review - Stephen Malkmus ‘Face The Truth’

It’s always challenging for a solo artist to avoid the legacy of his former glories (think Morrissey, Ian Brown and ……. Robbie Williams) but with his third solo outing ex Pavement front man Stephen Malkmus seems set to do just that. ‘Face The Truth’ arrives armed with the usual collection of guitar driven melodies that have […]

Review - Scout Niblett’s ‘Kidnapped By Neptune’

Album number three for Nottingham born Scout Niblett sees her continue where she left off with more of her dark but intoxicating music. With a little help from Steve Albini, her latest album ‘Kidnapped By Neptune’ is a sprawling 15 song affair, showing off her voice and incredible lyrical prowess. Her minimalist approach to song […]