The Way Young Lovers Do by Van Morrison

TAstral Weekshe strings that weave their way through  the very fabric of this song make this the intense listen it is, and the first time I heard that bass I realised what the bass guitar was actually used for. I will never tire of listening to this combination of instruments shuffling their way through a great pop song.

Every instrumuent has it’s time to shine; the acoustic guitar after 42 seconds that reappears at the end of each verse, the interrupting horns that make you want to dance the night away, and the battle of the solos at 1.43, where the bass barricades the trumpet into the corner of the room and refuses to let it shine.

And of course, there’s Van’s voice. It’s jubilant and sincere, but there’s no masking the jealousy and desperation as the lyrics tumble out of his face. He begins in the 3rd person, but quickly moves into the first as his imagination gets the better of him. He’s not one of the lovers, but he’d give anything to be one. These words are from a drunk rambling man during the last moments of a wedding night, watching with envy as the young couple dance the night away, oblivious to all around them.

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